Sovana is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, and the reason is certainly not a mystery … it is magnificent, fascinating and one of a kind! At first glance you will fall in love with it …

Small and intimate, the town of Sovana is a priceless treasure chest of ancient buildings, legends and monuments, a place to live and discover in every hidden aspect, to understand its history and the most important vicissitudes.

It is the ancient Etruscan Suana and one of the oldest villages in this area.

Every building, monument and church here tells of an ancient past, traditions that are lost over the centuries and architectural styles that blend together, a reminder of passages between ancient dominations, struggles for power and great historical events.

Sovana is known in the chronicles for having been the birthplace of one of the most famous historical figures, Ildebrando di Suana, better known as Pope Gregory VII, a prominent figure in the fight for investitures and protagonist of the events of Canossa.

The village of Sovana is small but full of attractions, around its main square, Piazza del Pretorio, there are some of the most important buildings, the Palazzo Pretorio, which gives its name to the square, the Palazzo dell’Archivio, the Palazzo Bourbon del Monte , the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Church of San Mamiliano, now a museum, the Loggia del Capitano, and a few steps away are the Cathedral, dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul and the Aldobrandesca Fortress.

A bit of history

The ancient Suana was born in the Etruscan era and became, after 2380 BC, an important Roman municipality, soon obtaining Roman citizenship. Starting from the fifth century the city of Sovana became a bishopric, and it is in this period that it expands to become one of the most important centers. Under the government of the Aldobrandeschi the fortress was built (11th century), and it is in this period that Sovana gives birth to Ildebrando, who later became Pope Gregory VII. The city of Sovana passed in 1200 to the Orsini, already lords of the Counties of Sorano and Pitigliano, the Orsini ruled for over two centuries, until the mid-1400s, when the center was conquered by the Republic of Siena, the Sienese dominion lasted about a century and with the fall of the Sienese power, the power passed to the Medici of Florence,

What to see in Sovana

The village of Sovana is small, intimate and cozy, and each building tells an ancient story, made up of struggles for power and domination of noble families, many attractions to discover and visit, to relive the history of this territory …