We could describe ourselves in many ways, but talking about us is not part of our character. Words such as green building, eco-sustainability, renewable sources, zero kilometer, organic etc. have always been our philosophy of life.

What we can tell you is that we try to give you the best of what we know how to do, paying close attention to availability and confidentiality, good taste, good food, relaxation, the pleasure of meeting in this Maremma land full of warmth and light.

Beauty and harmony should always be cultivated like olive trees, vines, gardens, roses.

We have chosen phrases for the pleasure of emphasizing our concept of hospitality.

  • Chinese proverb: “whoever plants a garden sows happiness”.
  • Cicero: “if you have a library and a garden you have everything you need”.
  • Dostoevsky: “the pursuit of beauty will save the world”