Nestled into the hillside of the Tuscan Maremma and under the shade of an ancient oak tree, there is a small charming inn, Ilune.

From the careful restoration of an old tuff farmhouse few kilometers from Pitigliano, Ilune desires to offer a welcome retreat and hospitable, perfect for a relaxing holiday or a romantic weekend in Tuscany.

“… io, per un giorno, per un momento, corsi a vedere il colore del vento. Volammo davvero sopra le case, oltre i cancelli, gli orti, le strade, poi scivolammo tra valli fiorite dove all’ulivo si abbraccia la vite…” ( Fabrizio de Andrè )


For 2020 our villa will be available for exclusive use. A dream location in which to spend a completely relaxing holiday, in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, a short distance from the characteristic medieval villages and the thermal springs of Sorano and Saturnia.

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For the guests of Locanda Ilune, many free excursions to discover the beautiful Tuscan Maremma …

Pitigliano is the "Little Jerusalem" of Tuscany, a town of ancient origins and one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Pitigliano was born in the Middle Ages under the Aldobrandesca government, then passed to the Orsini counts, the Republic of Siena and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Pitigliano is a village to be discovered, the streets of the Jewish Ghetto, with the Synagogue, the Forno delle Unzzime, the Ritual Bath, the Kasher Butcher and the Cellar, the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, the Church of San Rocco, the Palace Orsini, the Monument to the Ursinea offspring, the Medici Aqueduct .


Built in medieval times by the Aldobrandeschi, Sorano is a characteristic village of the Tufo area, it was then a domain of the Orsini, Sienese and Medici Counts of Florence. Sorano is a true jewel of ancient art and history, everything in its inhabited area tells of past centuries, the oldest buildings and the alleys are a precious testimony of local history. In Sorano there are some of the most important historical buildings of the Maremma, the Church of San Nicola and the Orsini Fortress, where the Museum of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance is located.


Sovana is a beautiful ancient village, built in the Etruscan-Roman era with the name of Suana, the Tuscan town is today one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. In medieval times the city of Saturnia gave birth to Ildebrando di Suana, Pope Gregory VII. Sovana is a village rich in history, around its main square, Piazza del Pretorio , there are some of the most important, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore , the Church of San Mamiliano , the Palazzo dell'Archivio and the Palazzo Pretorio , a few steps away. the Rocca Aldobrandesca and the Cathedral .


In the heart of Tuscia Laziale, Lake Bolsena is one of the most beautiful attractions of this area and the largest volcanic lake in Europe. On the shores of the lake there are villages of great charm, singular of their kind and certainly ideal for a relaxing walk: Bolsena itself, which gives its name to the lake, but also Marta, Capodimonte, Valentano, Gradoli and Montefiascone. At the center of the lake, there are two enchanting islets, the Martana Island, just in front of the town of Marta, linked to the myth of the princess of the Goths, Amalasunta, and the Bisentina Island, the main one, here there are seven churches, such as example that of Santa Caterina.